A unique combination of ingredients, creates a one of a kind smooth and fresh Vodka sensation.

For years we have been searching for the perfect blend for a high-end Vodka. After a long period of trying out new ingredients, blends and searching for the right distillery we finally got it right, and INFIGO Vodka was born! In order to make a unique smooth tasting Vodka we’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading chief-distillers, who has over 50 years of experience, and thus we were finally able to combine craftsmanship with the finest ingredients. Together with our unique design we have been able to create an exclusive brand which has a superior quality and is considered a top of the line Vodka.

The design already won me over, but then I tasted it and I was officially sold.
Long story short, my new favourite drink!

It’s almost a shame to drink this Vodka as a mix, that’s why i’ll just stick to drinking it pure!

It’s great to have a fresh new take on Vodka. You can really smell and taste the elderflower and lemongrass. A great supplement to a fantastic drink.


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